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The new electronic cigarettes are quite impressive!  And it looks like they are now the safest cigarette available.

In case you have never seen them, they look very similar to regular cigarettes — although they can be various colors and shapes.  Most have an LED light on the end, to simulate a flame while smoking.  The smoker even exhales what appears to be tobacco smoke, and smokers report that the “smoke” is quite satisfying.  However, it is actually just a harmless vapor, that contains nothing but nicotine, food additives and maybe water.

It seems like we have finally found a solution for smokers.  There is no more “trying to quit” smoking.  Because when you use the new electronic cigarettes (also known as ecigs), you are not actually smoking.  You still inhale vapor, taste the cigarette, and get the nicotine hit.  But you lose the tar, and there is nothing actually burning.  Best of all, because you are still taking in nicotine, there are no withdrawal symptoms!

Many Social Benefits

Think of what all this could mean to society.  As people become more educated, we could eliminate smoking bans, because people won’t actually be smoking or exhaling dangerous secondhand smoke.  There will be no more imminent threats for people with allergic asthma, or others who have lung problems.

Children and babies will be safe from the ill effects.  The elderly and the infirm will be protected…  No more exploding oxygen tanks around senior citizens.  No more catching things on fire, if you should fall asleep with your cigarette in your hand.

“Passive smoking” of secondhand smoke will be a thing of the past. When people have severe allergic reactions to secondhand tobacco smoke, they are not actually reacting to the nicotine.  There are many harmful substances in cigarettes and in secondhand smoke, including tar, arsenic, and many others.  But none of these toxins are a problem with the new electronic cigarettes.

Protection from Smoking Bans

Most of my education about the safest cigarette has come from the Electronic Cigarette Forum on the net.  But I have also observed someone smoking an electronic cigarette firsthand.  It was a classy black model with a sexy blue LED light on the end.  He was smoking it in a restaurant.  And, believe it or not, nobody around the smoker complained or objected to him smoking — despite the fact that smoking was strictly off limits there.

With electronic cigarettes, there is no more toxic pollution, and no more public danger.  The only faction that might possibly suffer will be the big tobacco companies — unless they choose to adapt.

These ecigs have been used in Europe for years.  It’s about time they finally came to the United States!

Joanna Benz

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